Journalism, Judges and Justice – a crisis in court reporting?

A report on Open Justice from the Chartered Institute of Journalists warns of “an unprecedented, and sustained, attack on the journalism profession, which has taken a toll on our ability to cover courts, and report on their function”.

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Magical sparkle powers, secure accommodation and consent

A Local Authority v SW and Others 2018.

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Alex Ruck Keene, barrister, of 39 Essex Chambers, examines the decision of the Court of Protection in Re AB to approve deceiving a person lacking mental capacity in order to administer her medication.

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Discrimination in the courts? Waggott v Waggott by Phoebe Turner

In the so-called “meal ticket for life” appeal case of Waggott v Waggott, Kim Waggott, the former wife of William Waggott, lost her joint lives maintenance award and the court rejected the argument that earning capacity is a resource subject to the sharing principle upon the breakdown of marriage.

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Three examples of how not to do family justice

This week involves a trio of disastrous cases where things have gone wrong and judges have explained why.

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Litigant’s claim struck out for discussing case during break in giving evidence – a cautionary tale

It’s one of the cardinal rules of court procedure: once you’ve entered the witness box and started to give evidence, you mustn’t discuss the case with anyone outside court, if there’s a break in the proceedings, until you’ve finished giving evidence.

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Meal ticket for life bid backfires – or does it?

The Telegraph is one of a number of newspapers to report on the decision of the Court of Appeal to refuse the appeal of Mrs Waggott asking for an increase in her divorce award, and to allow the appeal of Mr Waggot, asking for the duration of her maintenance award to be limited.

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“I completely forgot”

P (A Child), Re [2018] EWCA Civ 720 (11 April 2018).

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Financial Remedy Court pilots

In January 2018, the President of the Family Division, Sir James Munby, issued his 18th View from the President’s Chambers, dealing with the launch of the Financial Remedy Court (FRC) pilots and the proposed structure and geography of the FRC.

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Why doesn’t the family court punish professionals who break the rules?

What happens when the professionals in family cases – the local authority, social worker or CAFCASS – don’t obey court orders?

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Hearing the child in family courts: legal aid and recent cases

A child’s views according to age and maturity.

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Hearing the child in family courts

Giving weight to the views of a child in family proceedings.

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Sergei And Yulia Skripal And The Court Of Protection

What are a person’s best interests in a decision to permit use of samples of body fluids or tissue for a purpose which is neither of direct therapeutic benefit to the person him or herself, or an act of direct altruism towards another person?

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Fit for the future: transforming the court and tribunal estate

The Transparency Project’s response to the MOJ consultation.

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Bloomin’ eck! Divorcing fraudster named and shamed but the papers ignore it

Recorder Cusworth has delivered three judgments in this case – although they go back as far as the start of last year, they were only published at the end of the case, once the judge had comprehensively set out all of the lies and frauds that had been exposed and explained why he could not believe a word that Mr Bloom said .

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