Privacy and the Princess

The reporting restriction order in the Prince and Princess of Luxembourg case.

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A new financial court for the super wealthy?

The Times and The Telegraph are reporting that new courts are being established to deal with the financial side of divorces for the wealthy.

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Privacy versus accountability in the Family Courts

On 5th December 2017 The Transparency Project hosted a debate about privacy and accountability in the family courts, in order to mark the launch of our Guidance Note : Publication of Family Court Judgments.

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Family law: capacity to consent

This article looks at two aspects of consent and its fundamental component: understanding. First, does the mental capacity of the person consenting make any difference to consent; and how in outline can this be assessed? Secondly, is the answer any different if the person whose consent is sought is a child under 16?

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Special measures in family proceedings: Part 2

Children and vulnerable witnesses: YJCEA 1999 Pt and ABE guidance.

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Best evidence of vulnerable witnesses: Part 1

Intimidated witnesses in family proceedings.

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Intractable contact disputes

Enforcement of parental contact.

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“It blew up too soon for us” – CAFCASS explain their position on alienation

On 17 November the Guardian ran a front page article by Amelia Hill about a “groundbreaking” new trial that CAFCASS were running, to tackle parental alienation.

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Surrogacy arrangement breakdown: surrogate ordered to hand child over to intended parents

H (A Child : Surrogacy Breakdown) [2017] EWCA Civ 1798.

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