Wife leads – and loses – fight to keep divorce hearings secret

The Times reported earlier this week that a case was about to be heard in which the Court of Appeal was being asked to consider the question of privacy in respect of financial remedy cases and appeals – and that it was thought that the Appeal Judges might issue some guidance to clear up a rumbling dispute about the correct approach to the privacy of ex-couples in this sort of case.

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Rock bands, impenetrable vocabulary and Peers of the realm making off with wards of Court

There’s a High Court case that I’m going to briefly write about, called Egeneonu v Egeneonu 2017.

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Revised guidance issued on the duration of orders made ex parte (without notice)

The President of the Family Division, Sir James Munby, has issued guidance on the duration of orders made without notice (ex parte) in family proceedings, revising guidance issued in 2014.

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If the Health and Care Professions Council really have found the social workers who lied on oath in ‘the Hampshire case’, NOT to have committed professional misconduct, should they publish this decision?

An important conversation burst out on twitter last night, with the suggestion that the three social workers found by the family court to have lied on oath, may now have been cleared of professional misconduct by the Health and Care Professions Council.

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What does open justice actually mean?

The notion that justice must be seen to be done needs little introduction to either a lay or legal audience,  but its familiarity belies an underlying complexity.

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Abuse by cross-examination in family courts

Law reform, Women’s Aid and a Parliamentary domestic violence group.

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Judge rejects Welsh local authority’s care plan and allows mother to keep her eighth baby

The judgment of His Honour Judge Gareth Jones in Re A (A Child) [2016] EWFC B101 (25 August 2016) was recently published on BAILII.

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Bradford Councils claim that it has decided to cut foster care allowances to the government national minimum level to comply with the law rather than principally to reduce costs

Saturday’s local Telegraph and Argus report, (‘Union hits out at Council plans to cut foster carers allowances’) of Bradford City Councils plan to reduce the core child element of their foster care allowances to the government minimum level, triggered twitter confusion about the applicable law and whether anything had changed.

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Women’s Aid answer our queries about their evidence base

We have been in dialogue with Women’s Aid about assertions made by them that family courts frequently breach PD12J (practice direction in the Family Courts concerning domestic abuse) by allowing victims to be cross examined by their abusers.

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Parliament on d.v. : turns out its not so easy to ask the right questions…

There was an important debate in Parliament today. The government was put on the spot about the scandalous cross examination of victims of rape by the perpetrators of such abuse.

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“Three sisters whose parents didn’t give them names are taken into care”

This was the headline and sub-header used in the 4th January Mirror report on a published family court judgment from November 2016.

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Vulnerable witnesses and children: human rights and legal aid

This article develops some of the ideas touched on in my earlier Vulnerable witnesses, parties and children in family proceedings.

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